Failed job fairs

The initiatives are there but the results are nothing to be proud of. That is not due to the labor affairs department, the SHTA or the hotels who made efforts to bring vacancies and job seekers together. It is not even due to the job hunters who lack qualifications for a decent job.

The real problem is our education system and the quality of its output. More than one hundred job seekers have no education after primary school – a clear sign that there are big holes in our compulsory education system that is supposed to keep kids in school until they actually know something.

We have a dedicated Minister of Education, but she cannot do the job alone. Parents also have a role to play. Unfortunately, they are often – for a variety of reasons – missing in action when their children need them most for guidance and encouragement.

Giving disenfranchised youngsters a fair shot at a decent future requires a huge effort on many levels and it sounds like an excellent idea to start with this today.

Source: Today SXM Failed job fairs