February elections will cost almost 230,000 guilders

St. Maarten – The cabinet has budgeted 229,763 guilders ($128,359) for the upcoming elections on February 9. The money comes from the budget of the Ministry of General Affairs.

Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs said yesterday that the voter registry will close on November 23 and that the members to the Central Voting Bureau will be appointed on December 23.

Postulation Day is on December 22 and a day later, parties will have to submit the signatures of voters who support their list.

The elections will take place on February 9 – a Tuesday. The day diverges from the traditional election day in St. Maarten – Friday but this is due to the fact that date for the so-called snap elections is driven by the date the government submitted the decree to dissolve the parliament.

Source: Today SXM February elections will cost almost 230,000 guilders