First cases of ‘quick and swift punishment’ on St. Maarten executed, 10 men already punished

GREAT BAY — The men who were arrested recently in St. Maarten for failing the curfew were sentenced by the Public Prosecutor to ‘work punishment’ (werkstraf).

Three men have been offered a transaction to work voluntary without pay. They were offered each 40, 40 and 20 hours work and have accepted this sentence. The 20 hours was for a minor. He also waived the amount of money (a couple of hundred dollars) he had on him at that time of the arrest.

Meanwhile, seven people were arrested last night by the police of St. Maarten (KPSM) for violating the curfew. Five of them received 40 hours of work as a punishment and accepted this. Two men accepted 60 hours of labor for resisting his arrest and the other man received 60 hours of labor for additionally the possession of drugs.

In the meantime, a transaction list has been drawn up by the St. Maarten Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM). This for various violations, which are eligible for a work punishment. For resistance the transaction is 40 hours of work or 20 days of detention. Failure to comply with an official order 30 hours of forced work or 15 days detention. For “simple abuse” 60 hours of labor or 30 days detention. Finally for having a weapon (no firearm) 60 hours of labor or 30 days detention. For recidivists and minors, other rules apply.

The imposed transactions in the form of task sentences are carried out by a probation-officer (Reclassering) and the offenders should assist in the cleanup and reconstruction of St. Maarten. The transactions are not explicitly applicable to looting or otherwise serious matters such as firearm possession.

Source: TODAY