For some, St. Maarten Carnival ended on a winning note


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Hundreds tramp behind the truck carrying the No Limit band during the final stages of the last lap. Photo Today / Milton Pieters

St. Maarten News – As the flames died around King Momo to signal the end of what turned out to be an entertaining Carnival season, it brought a breath of fresh air into the lives of a few lucky persons courtesy of TelCell, the official sponsors.

The event that preceded the awards ceremony was the final opportunity for the revelers by the thousands to let off steam during the jump up which started in Cay Hill. While it could not be ascertained if there were any arrests for misconduct during the jump up, the body language of the participants indicated that there was never a dull moment while jamming behind the three big trucks.

The requirement to win was easy, all the Telcell subscribers had to do was to send SMS messages throughout the entire Carnival season. The winner turned out to be Janecio Raymon.

“I am shocked, but I declared it at home that I was going to win this car, the one we have has to be shared with my husband and myself now we have two cars,” said the newly wed bride. According to Raymon, she sent over 2000 messages and her efforts paid off in full now that she is the owner of a Mazda 2 Sedan.

Source: Today SXM For some, St. Maarten Carnival ended on a winning note