Fresh looks at single parent families, absentee fathers

wwwFreshVennetta Johnston (left), director inspirational volunteer journeys and founder of Erasmus + Caribbean and Mesut Bayezit, project manager Erasmus+ Caribbean with the Y2X crew after an interview last Saturday on Fresh. Photo contributed 

MARIGOT – The Y2X Crew, the youth wing of Victorious Living Foundation will be exploring single parent families and absentee fathers on its youth radio program Fresh in a multi-part series starting tomorrow on Youth Radio 92.5 FM from 6 to 7 p.m. They’ll be providing insight and solutions to this growing challenge on St. Martin and throughout the Caribbean with their first special invited guest for the series, John Maxwell coach and entrepreneur, Nelson Els, the Victorious Living foundation said in a press statement.

Locally and regionally we are aware of countless horror stories of struggling single mother households due to absentee fathers who are merely sperm donors; fathers wanting to be involved in their children’s lives but prevented from doing so because of their hurting mothers; fathers who refuse to support their children because their mothers have new partners etc. Consequently many of our boys are growing up without positive male role models and fall prey to juvenile delinquency, crime and violence.

Dr. Clarence V. Boyd, Jr., Dean of Spiritual Formation for Oral Roberts University, who has led tens of thousands of young men down the path to manhood into their God-ordained positions and purposes addresses the aforementioned issues in his book “Endangered Masculinity: The spiritual and cultural erosion of manhood.”

In his book he shares: “The very concept of manhood is being challenged while the perception of fatherhood has been taken for granted. In other words, men have lost sight of man’s original purpose and the concept of manhood has become vague. Similarly a new generation of the male human has arrived with little or no realization of what manhood truly involves. Somehow this new generation has been birthed with little revelation of boundaries and standards that distinguish them as men or qualify them as fathers.”

Source: Today SXM Fresh looks at single parent families, absentee fathers