Frightened onlookers recount Divinitii robbery “Someone just robbed a store. I was running towards safety”

GREAT BAY—The recent upsurge in gun crimes and armed robberies have had some in the public sphere nervous and troubled. A week ago a clothing store on Front Street was robbed by masked gunmen and only three days later, another daring daytime armed robbery this time of Divinitii Jewelers also on Front Street. To get pulse of some people feel about these recent incidents and the general overview of the state of crime in the country, Today spoke some people, who happened to witness Monday’s incident. One young lady, who was near the scene of the Divinitii Jewelers robbery around the time it happened, was shocked. “I saw the three men running with bags, and though I thought it looked suspicious, I denied it and thought maybe it’s nothing,” she says “But as soon as I noticed two other people running, I realized that it was real,” she said. “Someone just robbed a store. I was running towards safety, and as I ran, I heard four to six gunshots. I became even more afraid and hid inside of a shop with the two other people. Only when someone said that the shots came from the police, did I feel safe enough to come out onto the streets. This was the scariest experience in my life. Someone got robbed, and I was in the area. Later that day, I was told to be careful because stores are being robbed even in the morning, and that scares me. I worry that I will enter a store and something bad happens,” she continued.
Another person expressed concern about the state of crime and violence on the island. “I think that crime is rising, especially because of the recent robbery that happened (Monday) and the government has to enforce more police to patrol in areas like Philipsburg. They have some patrolling but I think it’s not enough and they are not focusing in areas that are more vulnerable,” the person said.
Police reported on Monday that “when they received the all about the robbery and arrived at the scene, they saw three masked men running away. Several warning shots were then fired by police. One of the suspects surrendered while the others continued running away. This suspect was immediately arrested while a search for the other two continued. During the arrest of the suspect items stolen from the jewelry store were recovered. A vehicle which would probably be used as an escape vehicle was also confiscated.
The suspect was taken to the Philipsburg Police Station where he remains in custody for questioning. The search for the remaining suspects continues and the Police Department is asking anyone who may have information regarding this robbery to immediately get in contact with the Detective Department by call 54-22222 ext 213/214, the police anonymous tip line # 9300 or the Emergency Dispatch 911.

Source: TODAY