Game developers establish club

GREAT BAY – FTW Gaming, a project group under the Foresee Foundation specialized in the application of game theory and skills, launched their club at the SXM Hospitality Educational Institute on Sunday. The goal of the club is to reach out to members of the gaming community who would be interested in developing their skills – skills including writing, acting, animating, designing – everything that comes to together to develop a game so they can travel abroad and expand their horizon as it pertains to gaming.
“Often there is a negative view of kids playing video games due to the inability of parents to see the educational value in game based learning.” Sjorensly Valies, one of the senior members of FTW said, “FTW Gaming is an enthusiastic young group that is in the process of proving to this nation that technology and education go hand in hand. The entire purpose of FTW is to highlight the underlying lessons that games, game theories and game based learning provide. We create a physical community where gamers and game enthusiasts can practice and hone their playing skills, speak and learn from like-minded individuals, and get introduced to various branches of education and the workforce that they may or may not have known to be highly involved in gaming and the gaming scene.
We would like to cater to all persons from all walks of life, but that would be a grander task than we could handle, so I would say we cater primarily to teens and young adults – people who could use a friendly environment where people accept them for who they are. However, the gaming club is just part of a greater whole that we are building. Right now our focus is on the digital art, and for that we will be rolling out various workshops and or events meant to bring people together. But for now we have just the gaming activity which will later branch out into other factions such as game-testing, game design, or any other skill set that is required for game or multimedia development.”

Source: TODAY