Gas rationing leads to massive traffic jam in Cole Bay- UPDATED

COLE BAY — Vehicles in all shapes and sizes can be seen waiting their turn to get $20’s worth of gas at the R&R Tackling Gas Station (Sol) earlier today. It was one of those rare opportunities for motorists to gas up when the curfew was officially lifted for a few hours.

By Milton Pieters

Manager at Tackling R&R Gas Station, Nathalie Tackling, spoke briefly about the current situation and how they plan to be of assistance. “We are trying to get ourselves up and running to the extent we are allowed to by law. Right now we have about seven pumps operational, however we are only allowed to sell up to US $20 per person,” she stated.

Tackling used the opportunity to ask the motorists to be patient, have respect for themselves and each other so as to prevent the inciting of violence. “Everybody needs gas, and essentials and we are trying to do our part here.”

With regards to the structural damages, she said that at the moment she was unable to put a price tag on what it would cost to have it repaired. “Our shop was looted, the canopy was damaged, I really cant give you a cost but we will have to do some heavy repairs. But for now, some of the essential elements are operational.”

Photo caption: After the unprecedented closures of gas stations due to Hurricane Irma, motorists queue up in a long line for a chance to purchase 20 dollars worth of gasoline. Photo by Today photojournalist, Milton Pieters.

UPDATE: Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Photo caption: The second day brought an even bigger traffic jam in Cole Bay on Union Road leading to the Tackling R&R Gas Station. Photo by TODAY photojournalist Milton Pieters.

Photo caption: Armed marines made their presence felt at the R&R Tackling Gas Station in Cole Bay yesterday afternoon shortly after hundreds of motorists formed long lines for gas. Photo by Today photojournalist, Milton Pieters.

Photo caption: Foot patrol in Simpson Bay can raise questions about the imposing of martial law here on this island. Photo by Today photojournalist, Milton Pieters.


Source: TODAY