Gebe embraces Toastmasters

GREAT BAY – Gebe staff take center stage as their Managing Board introduces the Power to Serve Toastmasters Club as a means to assist its workers in their personal and professional development.
Toastmasters International is a world leader in hands-on communication and leadership training since 1924 and is used by industry giants such as Apple, AT&T, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Exxon Mobil, Google, Microsoft and the Walt Disney Company, who have found the program to be an effective staff development tool that benefits their organization in a meaningful way.
The Toastmasters program helps members to develop better listening, thinking and speaking skills by practicing prepared and impromptu speeches as well as receiving and giving constructive evaluations and feedback.  Members are also challenged to accept leadership roles in order to develop their leadership skills.
Gebe CEO Kenrick Chittick expressed the Managing Board’s commitment to achieve excellence through improved internal communication and greater customer satisfaction.
The Power to Serve Toastmasters Club was initiated by Georges Richardson, incoming President of the club, with the assistance and guidance of District 81’s Division E Director, Kathia Magdeleine.  Richardson voiced his pleasure at finally seeing the birthing of this new club and applauds Gebe for granting its workers this opportunity through its sponsorship.
The enthusiasm of employees did not go unnoticed during a well-attended demonstration meeting as they rose to the challenge and participated with vigor.  Many expressed their excitement as they look forward to beginning their journey by taking the first step, which is acceptance of the program.
The introduction of The Power to Serve Toastmasters Club is multifaceted as it will help improve employee performance leading to fulfillment of the organization’s objective to achieve excellence.
District 81 Director (over the entire Caribbean region) Sherry-Ann Batson is slated to install members and club executives during a ceremony tomorrow.

Source: TODAY