Gebe signs letter of intent for solar panels project

St.maarten—The management of Utilities Company Gebe and Sunshine Real Estate signed a letter of intent yesterday to supply the island with two megawatts of solar energy. Gebe wants to create a solar park at the two parking facilities on the Walter Nisbeth Road and on the roof of its power plant building.

One of the reasons for creating the solar park is to gradually move away from the fossil fuels Gebe currently uses towards clean solar energy. If all goes well, Gebe will expand solar capacity to 4 to 6 Megawatt.

Managing Director of Sunshine Real Estate Terrence Laclé who won the bid to have the solar panels installed, said that the project was discussed since 2014 and expressed his gratitude to the board and management of Gebe for opportunity to make it a reality.

Vromi-Minister Angel Meyers said that St. Maarten is one of the first islands in the Caribbean that expressed its intention to move towards renewable energy and now “we are lagging behind.” He pointed out that his vision is to move forward as soon as possible and gradually move away from fossil fuels. The initial plan is to cover the parking areas along the Walter Nisbeth road with solar panels.

Source: Today SXM Gebe signs letter of intent for solar panels project