Governor Holiday’s hurricane address

Governor Holiday:

“We know the dangers of hurricanes and the benefits of preparation”

GREAT BAY – Our emergency services are putting everything in place. They are organizing shelters, pumping the pond and cleaning the trenches,” Governor Drs. Eugène Holiday said in a brief hurricane address on Tuesday.

“Our police, VKS and coast guard have been reinforced with the military. I pray that we will be spared the worst of Irma’s wind and rain.

“As a people we have been through hurricanes before. We know the dangers and we also know the benefits of preparation and precaution.

“I urge you not to take any chances during the passing of hurricane Irma. This means that you have to find a safe place and stay indoors during the passing of the hurricane. Once the hurricane has passed I urge you to follows the government’s directions to guarantee an orderly return to our daily life.

“I am confident that we will draw from our collective strength to withstand this storm. Be strong stay safe and may God bless St. Maarten and protect our shores.”

Source: TODAY