Harbor to contribute to street repairs in Philipsburg center

eye sore 2, ft st bad reflection 1This puddle of water on Front Street certainly highlights a negative reflection of what this section of Philipsburg should look like. Photo Today / Milton Pieters


St. Maarten – Front and Back Streets are the two most important thoroughfares in the City of Philipsburg, but for several months, the driving conditions for motorists have been getting from bad to worse.

With the approaching Christmas season along with the heavy activity due to the influx of visitors in the midst of the tourist season. These streets will come in for a severe pounding and it can only get worse unless the matter is addressed sooner rather than later.”

Vromi-Minister Meyers said yesterday at the Council of Ministers’ press briefing that the harbor group of companies is prepared to contribute to the costs of the repairs.

“The work was not done properly in the past. The ground underneath the street should have been sealed but this was not done. This is why the street sags due to heavy rainfall.”

The Minister also contributed part of the damages to Carnival. ”They come with big trucks through Front Street loaded with huge loudspeakers and with people jumping up and down. You can see the imprint of those lorries in the street.”

Source: Today SXM Harbor to contribute to street repairs in Philipsburg center