Businessman Michael Ferrier contributed this  heart-wrenching photo and he added some pointed questions:

A new phenomenon? How can we as a community collectively alleviate some of the pain endured by those who find themselves at the bottom of life’s pit? Without finger pointing , without blaming someone else, without cursing government…..

How can we make a difference in the lives of those that need help professionally, mentally, financially, health or otherwise? What is legally possible? What, if any, are our social catch-net shortcomings?

Can those amongst us that are destitute, be forced to accept help in the form of a hot meal, a shower, some clean clothes, and occasionally a place to rest? Besides the sad story of each of these unfortunate persons, as an island nation that relies on tourism, it behooves us to make a difference, one homeless person at a time. Let’s start the discussion. Photo courtesy Michael Ferrier

Source: TODAY http://today.sx/awareness/homeless-2/