HOPE takes part in the biggest volunteer program in the Kingdom

St. Maarten News – Mercedes van der Waals-Wyatt and the HOPE team were happy to partake in the volunteer program that SXM DOET hosted this year. What’s more is that SXM DOET is on a mission to help improve the general idea of volunteering and community service by showing how fun and creative it can really be. Helping is part of what our association is about and giving back to the community also helps our citizens. The Hope team members registered to volunteer for the 2 projects repainting of the Sundial Gym on Friday and also assisted in the kite flying workshop organized by Beyond Kultura Events Foundation by Loekie Morales.

Painting the gym and seeing so many people work together for a goal was very enlightening and it gave us a sense of team spirit and accomplishment of pride once the entire gym was finished. To see the students working side by side with teachers and volunteers gave us a great feeling and we are glad that we have contributed to an educational facility where students can work out and feel happy in an educational environment.

On Saturday HOPE assisted the kids with kite flying and took the time to speak to the kids and other volunteers. Many grandparents were there with their kids. It brought back many memories of when my grandfather would make us kites as little children and we would fly them at the Jose Lake Ballpark in Cul-de-Sac. The kite flying event was a great way to spend quality time with the kids and their grandparents and indeed it is beautiful to see a colorful handmade kite made with love flying in the sky. The wonderful warm smiles of children and grandparents and the commitment they showed helping them was just priceless.

HOPE is always happy to give back to the community as we continue to Help Our People Excel in every way.

Source: Today SXM HOPE takes part in the biggest volunteer program in the Kingdom