Horror restrooms at Bobby’s Marina


men_s_urinals_bobby_s_marina_restroomsThe situation in the men’s urinals over at the restrooms at Bobby’s Marina on Sunday.

St. Maarten – The use of a restroom is a day to day thing that goes hand in hand with a variety of things that people do on a daily basis. For example when people attend an event or when they visit a bar or a restaurant. So, one of the things that people at least expect when they make use of a restroom, is that a restroom is properly cleaned.

During the weekend over at Bobby’s Marina in Philipsburg, there was an event that many people were attending. It was the event of the 8th annual Budget Marine Wahoo tournament, to be a bit more specific. During the event a lot of people used these restrooms – and were confronted with quite a shocking sight.

One of the visitors, an American living on the island was shocked to see that all the ladies restrooms were locked and nobody was able to open them. “The water to wash your hands after your visit to the restrooms wasn’t working and the men’s restroom was flooded with urine” she stated.

“Not a nice sight and an even more terrifying smell were waiting for me, when I had to use the restrooms” a Dutch man who lives on the Island and was attending the event stated. In addition, “While people complained about the situation to the business owners located at Bobby’s Marina, Bobby himself was enjoying his drink and looked like he couldn’t care less about the ongoing situation.”

“At a certain moment, some of the male visitors were taking a leak on the docks at the waterside. Some female visitors stopped ordering drinks at the bar and restaurant of the 12 meter yacht club because they couldn’t use the restrooms” another woman from America told Today.

“On Sunday things even got worse. There was a strong and distinctive smell of urine and besides that some of the men’s urinals were even filled with feces and overflowing with urine. While the smell also started dominating the area outside the restrooms, more and more people started to complain about it. But even that did not change the situation” another Dutch man stated.

Regardless the reason of this situation, it was really getting out of hand for both the visitors and the people that were working at the businesses situated near the restrooms. And still no effort was being made to solve the situation in a decent way. “Eventually many people left the area, and that was noticeable because there clearly was a decrease in the sales of drinks at the bar of the 12 meter yacht club” one of the other visitors said.

Bobby’s Marina is located close to the area where most of the cruise tourists enter and leave the island.
“The fact that this is close to the cruise terminal could affect tourism, first of all because of the impression it will leave in the minds of those tourists that enter and leave the island not far from the location of Bobby’s Marina. Some of them will visit the restrooms, and that could lead to people leaving the island in shock and with the horrible image of the restrooms imprinted into their minds as the first or last thing that they see. This very unpleasant which could eventually lead to a severe decrease in the amount of tourists that will decide to visit St. Maarten on a cruise.” One of the visitors of the bar stated.

He added: “Secondly, if this problem does not get solved, it will only be a matter of time before tourists will start discussing it on the internet, and that could lead to some serious damage to the tourism sector on the island.”

Source: Today SXM Horror restrooms at Bobby’s Marina