“Illegal dumping threat to health and tourism”

St.maarten – The Nature Foundation remains concerned about illegal dumping of building materials and garbage on several locations around the island. In the last months the foundation’s staff spotted several dumping locations, mainly construction garbage, which has been dumped by individuals and likely also by businesses. “Significant illegal dumping took place at various locations but in particular by the Belair pond, at the beginning of the trail to the natural pools at Point Blanche and at the lagoon side of Wellsburg Street in Cole Bay,” Nature Foundation Manager Tadzio Bervoets said in a press statement.

“We are asking our residents to be responsible with their garbage, littering is prohibited by law and is an illegal act. We also urge our decision-makers to address this issue and to ensure that garbage collection occurs efficiently so as to avoid illegal garbage dumping. St. Maarten already has issues regarding waste management and this only compounds those issues,” Bervoets added.

Source: Today SXM “Illegal dumping threat to health and tourism”