In Chronicles of my Deception: Latoya Lake presents the darker side of reality

GREAT BAY – From the author of “It’s like Déjà Vu with You”, comes “Chronicles of my Deception: Kayla’s Truth”. Latoya Lake (author, film-maker and pharmacist assistant), also known as Larae, has been working on a new book, but this time it isn’t romance – “this one is more intriguing and thought provoking. It shows a darker side the reality of how life is – a secret life.”
“I must say after the first book I woke up the next morning thrilled. I was all over the place that it happened. I couldn’t believe it. My friends were like “Okay, this is nice!” It was a love story, so everyone was into it. The women were cursing sometimes, because of all the emotions I had them going through.
Then a couple of my friends told me to do something different now – do something new. So I took up the challenge again (being as competitive as I am), and I started a different kind of story. I drifted away from safe, and went into something that I hope will have the readers going crazy just as the first one.”
Lake is also planning to create sequels of “Chronicles of my Deception”. “This is Kayla’s book” she says “and then my next book, which I already started, is going to be about the next friend who’s going to pop up in it.” “Chronicles of my Deception: Kayla’s Truth” will be out by the end of the month.

Source: TODAY