Inhaling courage at Sip & Paint fundraiser

inhalecourage_editedGREAT BAY – Sip & Paint was an artistic and informative event put together by Safe Haven last Friday at Indigo Bay to raise funds for important programming and services at Safe Haven.
The evening included sipping wine and recreating “Inhale Courage”, a masterpiece originally painted by the featured artists, Frances Nielah Bradley, whose creative work in sexual and domestic violence has been known to be “exceptional” and “inspiring”. Participants were assisted by professional local artists Charisse Piper, Timothy Dowling and La’rich. Zhaira Richardson, a local vocal artist, also graced the evening with live music to help inspire the creative journey.
The purpose of Sip & Paint is so that both men and women can learn and feel at the very core, the way only art can help one feel, and understand the importance of why it is absolutely necessary for domestic and sexual violence and girls to be totally eradicated from our community.
“While attending Sip & Paint I remember feeling inspired, alive and powerful. I inhaled courage and exhaled fear from my lungs and enjoyed every sip I took and every stroke of the brush I made. The colors on every canvas came to life,” one participant said. “I was glad that we could’ve chosen our own words to display on the painting – words of strength, power, and womanhood. I chose the words “I will NOT be slave to my past”.
“Domestic violence is an issue that affects more people than we may think – both men and women. It is not something to be ashamed of revealing and it definitely isn’t normal and to be expected in a relationship. There is no excuse for abuse, and I am profoundly happy to have taken part in such a necessary event as Sip & Paint.”

Source: TODAY