Dear Editor,

I have taken note of yesterday’s article regarding the ad hoc committee for integrity of parliament.  The Chair and Vice Chair of the integrity committee were appointed in a February 11, 2015 meeting.

The integrity committee met again on March 10, 2015 and then again on March 26, 2015.

It is amazing that no other Member of Parliament (MP) besides MP Leona Marlin-Romeo gave any comments on my proposed code of conduct which was presented in the March 10 meeting.

It was a proposed code of conduct, which has been adopted from the parliament of the United Kingdom to be used as a guide. 

This document was to start the debate within parliament based on the recommendations of the integrity reports.  In an email to the media on March 11, 2015, I stated that taking this initiative is important in order to move Parliament and this country forward.

Each meeting that I convened as Chair of the ad hoc committee for integrity was road blocked by MP Sarah Wescot-Williams and MP William Marlin.  They have both never submitted any changes or deletions to my proposal so they should be the last to say or write anything about me.

Instead of criticizing they should review their contributions or the lack thereof but given the fact they have compromised themselves by forming a new majority despite any ‘integrity issues’ – the same reason why MP Sarah Wescot-Williams claimed that she jumped ship as chairman of parliament in 2014, and the reason why the board of the NA condemned MP Silvio Matser being in parliament.

I voted for the Integrity Chamber, what did the new majority do?  Let us not be fooled by these press releases without questioning and critically thinking about what some people say.

But I can assure you what I have said here is the truth.  I ask the media to be responsible and review the meetings and confirm what I have written.  Ask the questions and hold everyone responsible for what they did and what they said.

Let us not be caught up in their attempt to fool the people and avoid asking the real questions that the population needs and deserves to know.  

Cornelius de Weever

Independent Member of Parliament

Source: Today SXM Integrity