“It was unfortunate.” says SCDF President Alston Lourens

GREAT BAY – President of the Sint Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF), Alston Lourens has expressed the organisation’s dissatisfaction at the ‘unfortunate’ incidents which allegedly occured at the Youth Extravaganza on Monday night.
“The children will get another chance to perform.”
Lourens explained that there was enough warnings made to the organisers and MC’s of the show about explicit and disrespectful behavior on stage prior to the event and cautions should have been heeded.
“Some of the acts had to perform youth-oriented music and lyrics. We spoke to the promoters and gave them a couple warnings at the beginning.” the SCDF head explained.
“He [the promoter, Ed.], I know, communicated those warnings directly to the artists and the host and still they did not respect it, and it’s unfortunate. That’s why the SCDF, at a certain point, had to close down the show.” Lourens added.
Because of concerns that numerous acts could not display their talents due to the abrupt end to the show, the carnival head also stated that other avenues were being looked into to rectify the situation.
“We will be looking into other venues where those young artistes who did not get a chance to perform, especially the dancers and those from the school.” Lourens continued.
“They will get another opportunity during St. Maarten Carnival. It’s not their fault and we are looking at what is going on when it comes to that,” he added.
He went onto note that the promoters should not be blamed for the incidents of the night.
“Sometimes you can be a promoter and do whatever you have to do, but when people get behind a microphone, they will do what they want to do. But that should not be, especially when it comes to our kids.” Lourens concluded.

Source: TODAY http://today.sx/entertainment/unfortunate-says-scdf-president-alston-lourens/