Kids Carnival lights up the streets of Marigot

St Martin CarnivalMARIGOT – For the second straight year, the kids’ Carnival parade on the French side started and concluded on the Rue De Hollande, just outside the Louis Vanterpool Stadium in Marigot and according to the President of the FCDSM, Jean Philippe Richardson, the adjustment to the route came after careful consideration.

“In the past, they would assemble on the parking lot of the Match Supermarket (now Super U – ed.), but we have seen in the past how busy that can be because at that time of the day, people are still shopping, ” Richardson noted.

According to Richardson, it is by far easier to assemble the young Carnival revelers on the premises of the Louis Vanterpool Stadium, however the starting and finishing point for the adult parade set for next Sunday will take place in Galisbay.

Long before the parade was scheduled to start, the support vehicles that were authorized to drive in the procession were already lined up on the Rue De Hollande. There were 19 troupes.

Of the 19, six troupes represented the nursery level, 10 represented the elementary level and there were three floats. The theme for this year’s parade was ‘Tropical Forest’ and apart from resulting in the dozens of costume designers pushing the envelope, it also allowed some creative minds to think outside the box.

The floats were judged at the Rue De Hollande, the individual pieces were judged as the procession moved along Rue President Kennedy along with the road pieces. A total of 90 points were awarded to the troupes where the depiction of the tropical forest in all its elements was important.

For the individual pieces, 70 points were awarded and for the floats, 60 points, compatibility and visual impact was of vital importance. The same can be said about the road pieces. In addition to that, 60 points were awarded for choreography.

The official results will not be known soon, however some troupes managed to attract lots of attention as they made their way along the tailored route. The 150 member troupe from French Quarter, EEPU Clair Saint-Maximin, was one such group. They gave the thought that there is strength in numbers a new meaning as they tramped along Rue President Kennedy. Troupe #17, Le Trio Des Flamboyants also turned heads.

With so many troupes to look at judges will have a lot of work to do before they can arrive at the right decision. From what was displayed, the input of the hundreds of parents, teachers and designers needs to be commended.

Source: Today SXM Kids Carnival lights up the streets of Marigot