Kites dancing Soca Salsa in the Pond Island sky.

St. Maarten News – The KITE MAKING workshop for young and old organized by Beyond Kultura Events Foundation last Friday 11th of March at the Bible Baptist Church, Arch Road in Sucker garden went very successful, one of the kite instructors declared. Our main objective was to teach young people to build their own kite and to fly it into the sky.

The rationale was to bring families together to have fun while learning how to build a kite, using old and innovative technology together. Several enthusiastic children participated with their grandparents, who have helped the kite instructors and revived their past making beautiful colorful kites.

The following day was the big event to test their creations during a kite flying competition at the open field next to the baseball field on the Pond Island in Philipsburg on Saturday 12th of March. Around 10 big and small kites went successfully into the sky playing a dancing game of Salsa and Soca with the hard wind of the day. ‘Children had fun together with their (grand) parents and that is exactly what we wanted to’. The event attracted even children in the neighborhood who didn’t participate at the workshop and wanted to feel the sensation also, said Loekie Morales president of the foundation.

Kite stand for freedom of thought and to remind us that the sky is the limit when we want to reach our goals. That is why the kite is the symbol also of Beyond Kultura Events Foundation, Morales stated.

She was extremely proud of our youngsters and happy to announce the first winner of this KITE Flying Event: Malik Bryson. The second prize went to Kaydiso Illis. They have gotten several reading books. All participated children have gotten story books and bags of candies.

This event was part of the SXM DOET activities on voluntarism. Major sponsor was the Oranje Fonds, but also other supporters were Hotel L’ Esperance which facilitated sheets for the kite tails, Pastor Young of the Bible Baptist church, who facilitated the workshop room and our instructors and volunteers, who contributed in many ways to this successful event.

Source: Today SXM Kites dancing Soca Salsa in the Pond Island sky.