Landfill management wants to enhance recycling efforts

landfill buncamper-meyers - le paixSt. Maarten News – The contractor who won the bid for managing the landfill, Robelto & Son is currently exploring options to increase recycling efforts, together with the department of infrastructure.

Robelto has a contract for two years to manage the landfill with an option for a one-year extension.

The government made recycling part of the new garbage collection contracts and it is also looking at the waste of the cruise industry to enhance the recycling program that is to be started at the landfill.

The objective is to reduce the influx of garbage to the landfill as much as possible. Currently, 300 trucks a day are dumping garbage on the landfill every day, the Vromi-ministry said in a press statement.

The government sees that first steps towards recycling as a preparation for the arrival of the waste-to-energy plant.

Vromi-Minister Angel Meyers visited the landfill Sunday a week ago together with infrastructure management department head Claudius Buncamper and Leroy Le Paix, operation manager at the landfill. Chantal Groeneveldt and Kimberly Meyers, members of the ministers’ executive staff were also in attendance.

Minister Meyers received a tour of the landfill and saw an aerial view of the facility.

Source: Today SXM Landfill management wants to enhance recycling efforts