Latoya Lake celebrates new title with book lunch


GREAT BAY – Latoya Lake, author of It’s Like Déjà Vu With You, celebrated her new book Chronicles of my Deception: Kayla’s Truth with a book lunch at Rum & Peas on Sunday. During the night, Latoya premiered her video trailer of It’s Like Déjà Vu With You – a story of a couple from St. Maarten, to her first audience. “I got the chance to depict what I was writing on screen, and that was awesome for me. This has been the first time it has been out, and I’m glad you enjoyed it,” says Latoya.
As Clara Reyes performed a rendition of “Chronicles of my Deception: Kayla’s Truth”, the steamier the night became, leaving the audience shocked, intrigued, and at the edge of their seat. Kenyo Baly, “Who yuh fah” singer and soca rumble groovy winner, honored the stage with is song “Got Played”. Later that night, another video trailer, one of Latoya’s newer projects – Here comes the Groom was played and starred locals who were pleased to see themselves on screen.
“When I first spoke to Latoya, I felt an instant click in terms of who I am as a St. Maartener, because what I was seeing was a production of us – of who we are as a country,” MP Claret Connor said. “Latoya is someone with a passion for the creative arts, and I realized that her creations were a product of St. Maarten – something that can help develop this country in the area of arts and movies- and it is something that needs to be nurtured.”

Source: TODAY