Laville’s ship jumping complaint investigated

GREAT BAY – The National Detective Agency is currently investigating a complaint by former Member of Parliament Romain Laville who claimed in March 2013 that he had been offered half a million dollars to jump ship and bring the coalition that was in place at the time down.

During Carnival 2012, the so-called calypso-coup brought down the government and pushed the United People’s party into the opposition when Laville joined forced with independents MPs Frans Richardson and Patrick Illidge to form a new government with the Democratic Party and the National Alliance.

Later Laville said that an attempt had been made to bribe him into bringing this government down by joining forces again with the united people’s party.


The National Detective Agency started the so-called Catfish-investigation and heard the suspects C.H.M. (53), J.M.S. (68) and Laville (39) about their involvement in the case this week. In the coming days more suspects will be questioned.

The prosecutor’s office said in a press statement that the Catfish investigation began in March 2013, after Laville filed an official complaint about an attempt to bribe him into ship jumping.

A number of witnesses have been interrogated and important documents have been analyzed, the prosecutor’s office said.

The investigation is in full swing and the prosecutor’s office is asking additional witnesses to come forward and get in touch with the National detective agency or call the number for anonymous witnesses at 1-721-527-2623.

Source: TODAY