Law enforcement seizes 9 cars from rental company

Former owner Latoya Flanders killed last year

St. Maarten News – The Detective Collaboration Team (RST) and the police confiscated nine cars yesterday from a car rental company that belonged to Latoya Flanders who was shot to death in French Quarter on November 5 of last year.

“There is a strong suspicion that these cars have been bought with money that stems from among others dealing in drugs. The money was laundered though the company,” a press release from the Public Prosecutor’s Office states.

The car rental company has been under investigation for some time, after Flanders was shot to death. The RST conducted the investigation under the direction of the prosecutor’s office.

After Flanders’ murder it became apparent from public death announcements that Urvin Wawoe, leader of the No Limit Soldiers gang in Curacao, was a “special friend’ of the victim. Wawoe is serving a sentence in the Netherlands for drugs- and weapons-related crimes.

The investigation into the origin of the cars and into the rental company continues. The objective of the investigation is the seizure of criminal assets.

Source: Today SXM Law enforcement seizes 9 cars from rental company