Law school begins in September


GREAT BAY – Finance Minister Richard Gibson was elated at yesterday’s Council of Ministers press briefing. The reason: he announced that, “This dreams of mine that has been haunting me for so many years” has become a reality” – a law school in St. Maarten.
The law school will begin classes in September at the University of St. Martin on Pond Island.
“The significance of this development is immense,” the minister said. The fact alone that St. Maarten will have a law school is historical. Furthermore it is going to be accredited. Those who attend the school will earn an accredited degree.”
Minister Gibson said that many will apply and qualify to enter the school, but that there will be others who do not qualify. “They are just as important to us as those who qualify because that is the pool for the future.”
The school has therefore developed a program for those who do not qualify to enter the training directly. That program will give them the qualifications to enter at a later stage. There is also a program for those who are interested but not even close to qualifying.
Some lectures will be given in English, students will be required to master the Dutch language verbally and in writing. This is because they must be able to read and understand the law  legislation is written in the Dutch language.
“When we look at those in authority in the judicial apparatus, we do not recognize ourselves,” Minister Gibson said. “It is important for our people to change this. It goes back to the principles of the French Revolution – you should be judged by your peers. We have to make sure that we have our peers in authority to be able to comply with that principle.”
Minister Gibson said that there is sufficient funding to guarantee the continuity of the school for the first four years and beyond. “We want to keep tuition fees as low as possible; it will not be for nothing, but continuity is guaranteed for many years to come. This calls for a celebration at the appropriate time.”

Source: TODAY