Lien on bank accounts housing foundation

SMHDF refuses to abide by court order

St. Maarten News – The court ruling in the case of Henry Lynch against his former employer, the St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation, was scheduled to be pronounced yesterday morning, but the ruling was not ready. It is now scheduled to be complete on April 19.

A month ago, the court of appeals rejected an appeal of the housing foundation against a court decision from July of last year that ordered it to pay former financial controller Emilio Kalmera $31,500 and former secretary Miurica Williams approximately $25,000.

So far, the foundation has not paid a penny, according to Kalmera and Williams’ attorney Cindy Marica.

“The appeal against the court order was already a waste of money because appealing a court decree is not permitted,” Marica said. ”Refusing to abide by the order and to pay results in unnecessary costs; that is not in the interest of the SMHDF and it is a waste of money.”

The orders have been served to attorney Jairo Bloem of the SMHDF but since the foundation did not pay, Marica will now put a lien on its bank accounts. There is already a lien for Kalmera’s salary because that has not been paid either.

“The question is: does the management and the board act in the interest of the foundation by incurring these unnecessary costs?” Marica wonders.

Source: Today SXM Lien on bank accounts housing foundation