Life expectancy in the Netherlands goes up

THE HAGUE – Life expectancy in the Netherlands continues to rise and a girl born this year is likely to live to the age of 93, according to new figures from the Dutch actuarial association. The average boy baby will live to just over 90 and babies born in 50 years time will be not far off 100. Medical advances have already boosted life expectancy and babies born now will be able to benefit from many new medical development, the association said on Thursday. The downside is that life insurance companies and pension funds will have to build up higher buffers to cope with people living longer. The state pension age, which is currently being increased and will hit 67 in 2021 will also rise. The association says that today’s 40-year-olds will have to work until they are 70 before they will be able to retire.

Source: Today SXM Life expectancy in the Netherlands goes up