Lions take foster kids to the movies


Foster kidsFoster Kids and members of the St. Maarten Lions Club at the Caribbean Cinemas. Lion President Eldert Louisa is in the center. Photo contributed

GREAT BAY -The St. Maarten Lions Club treated more than 55 foster children from I Can Foundation, New Start Foundation and Hope Outreach Foundation  to a bus ride to the Caribbean Cinemas where they enjoyed snacks and drinks while watching the movie Peanuts – A next Charlie Brown Classic.

The movie, which at first instance may have looked like just a regular cartoon, actually had a special message: To Never Give Up. The main character in the movie faces various challenges in his efforts to accomplish his goal of flying a kite successfully and in general overcoming his clumsiness to be accepted by his friends.  In the end, he manages to not only fly the kite, which boosts his confidence, but his friends accept him for who he is – despite everything.  

With the full support of Bebe & Kids children’s store, the Lions Club was able to provide a parting gift for the younger children ages 2 through 9. The bus transportation company, Dutch Tours Enterprises, also collaborated with the Lions Club to ensure safe, timely arrival and departure from the movie theater.

As a father of two, I understand the importance of spending time with my children and providing a balanced support throughout all their educational and recreational activities,” Lions President Eldert Luisa stated. “This is to ensure that they grow up to be prepared and able citizens of tomorrow.  As a Lion Club member, and in particular this year being President, it was only fitting that this particular activity be continued.  Our community is larger than our immediate household, and these foster children are part of our community. As such, they too need parenting from all of us combined. The St. Maarten Lions Club remains committed to being there for them, in the best interest of our community.”

Source: Today SXM Lions take foster kids to the movies