Magic Blue’s energy leaves you on the edge of your seat

GREAT BAY – The National Institute of Arts (NIA) presented its 5th Annual Recital “Magic Blue”, a mystical and magical creative expressive journey graced with dance, circus, clowning, song, poetry and acrobatics. The show was held in L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium last Friday and Saturday.

“Just as the sky is blue, wide and infinite, the ocean is deep and profound. This is the expansive creative energy of the power of NIA’s Blue”. With this recital, NIA celebrates 5 years of the combining of Imbali and Motiance, by presenting a wide range of arts featuring 150 students.

Each artist came to the stage with an energy that would have you on the edge of your seat. The colors, sounds, and costumes all came together to bring the show to life, and the radiance of the NIA’s blue – the Magic Blue, remained as a constant reminder that the arts and it’s power is as wide and infinite as the sky and as profound as the ocean. Throughout the nights (and maybe even afterwards), the magic of the arts remained as vivid as the emotions of fear, excitement and joy.Magic Blue NIA

Source: TODAY