Maho Group appreciates dedicated team members

St. Maarten – The Maho Group recognized its outstanding and dedicated team members as Stars of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry this week at Sonesta Resorts’ End of the Year Team Appreciation evening.

The resort group singled out a number of team members in various categories such as Employee of Year and Supervisor of the Year and in novelty categories like Best Smile and Punctuality and Grooming. All team members were observed throughout the year as they conducted their regular assignments and when they went above and beyond the call of duty.

Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor Emil Lee, who was very active in the field of hospitality and tourism prior to his current post, was a guest at the appreciation evening. 

The awardees were pulled from Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and Casino, Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort Casino and Spa, Ocean Point, Casino Royale, Diamond Casino, and Golden Casino.

The recognition of Employee of the Year was received by Diane Burnett and Maria Mercedes (Sonesta Maho), Soledad Van Lamoen Rivera and Pierre Banno Charles (Ocean Point), Ruby Coby and Marie Philippe (Sonesta Great Bay), Elmira Hodge and Richard Renjifo-Tinini (Casino Royale), Juan Nunez and Maria Bryson (Diamond/Golden Casinos). 

The Best Smile Award were presented to Anna Nelson (Sonesta Maho), Clarissa Clement (Ocean Point), Jonathan Puente (Sonesta Great Bay), Karoll Gil-Huertes (Casino Royale), and Celine Oliente (Diamond/Golden Casinos)

The Supervisor of the Year nod was given to Preciosa Teleisi (Sonesta Maho), Alma Harry (Ocean Point), Miguel Felix (Sonesta Great Bay), and Daniel Ottley (Diamond/Golden Casino).

The Leadership Award went to Irene Correa (Sonesta Maho), Damion Bailey (Ocean Point), Unelta Cherry (Sonesta Great Bay), Yacqueline Rivera (Casino Royale), and Rosa Isaac (Diamond/Golden Casinos).                                                    

The resorts have also paid keep attention to punctuality and grooming of team members and those who have exceeded the ordinary were commended for their commitment to being on time and being well put together. Those team members are Tenvis Bartley (Sonesta Maho), Ramon Santos (Ocean Point), Jeffrey Balson (Sonesta Great Bay), Deborah Richardson (Casino Royale), and Winston Samuel (Diamond/Golden Casinos).

The Most Mentioned Online recognition on (Trip Advisor and internal surveys) went to Elizabeth Attidore (Sonesta Maho), Ramon Moreno (Ocean Point), Ruby Coby (Sonesta Great Bay), Rose Lake (Casino Royale) and Jeanine Boleiman (Diamond/Golden Casinos) 

Most improved Employee were named as Rudolph Mondezir (Sonesta Maho), Stephen Cheefoon (Ocean Point), Lateshar Hendrickson (Sonesta Great Bay), Esmarlin Woodley (Casino Royale) and Peggy Persaud (Diamond/Golden Casino).

The Maho Group congratulates its team on this achievement and encouraged them and their peers to continue striving for excellence. “Your success is worth a celebration. Dedicated and committed team members is the foundation of our resorts and the ingredients that keep our guests returning to stay with us or recommending our resorts to others. Cheers to an even better 2016,” said the Maho Group.


Source: Today SXM Maho Group appreciates dedicated team members