Man reports harassment over showing his ID card

GREAT BAY—An employee of the New Love Restaurant says he was harassed by several men and a woman on the Boardwalk early on Wednesday morning. Patrick Pascaud who was born in the Netherlands says he was at work in the restaurant when a white woman asked for his identification card.
“Who are you and what do you want my ID card for?” he asked. The woman repeated the question and he again asked her who she was. She did not answer but went away and came back with four men.
He claims that when the men came, one of them pulled his weapon and pointed it to him saying, “If you do not hand over your ID card I will shoot you.” He then told the man, “You do what you want to do but I am not handing over my ID until you identify yourself.”
Pascaud says the man told him that, “The black people on the island always give the most trouble.” He told him that he was “stepping out of line” and that he should not make racist remarks.
The men brought in former Chief Commissioner of Police Derrick Holiday who told Pascaud to give the man his ID card but he again refused.
Pascaud says that the men continued to threaten him for a while until some local policemen of the bicycle patrol came by. They too told him to show the men his ID card. “I told the police officers that I won’t give any one my ID card until they properly identify themselves,” Pascaud said.
Photo caption: Patrick Pascaud refused to show his ID card. Photo Today / Andrew Bishop

Source: TODAY