Manhunt continues for escaped killer Kathron Fortune

wwwCUCHI 1St. Maarten News – Kathron Fortune, the convicted killer who escaped his prison guards in Cay Hill on Monday afternoon, is still at large, the police said in a press statement. “An intense search to recapture this prisoner is still ongoing.”

The report describes fortune as 38 years of age, born in Grenada. He has a full beard and weighs between 200 and 215 pounds. His height is approximately 5’ 9”. Fortune has “a heavy set and very strong posture, very low cut hair and possibly a pony tail.”

Police and prosecutor’s office remind the public that assisting with the escape of a prisoner, keeping that prisoner in hiding and assisting that prisoner in any other form to prevent his capture by the authorities is a criminal act and punishable by law.

Fortune was described in an earlier press release as “armed and very dangerous.”

In May 2006, he killed Ervin Margarita in Rice Hill Estate execution style with a single gunshot. For this crime, Fortune received a 21-year prison sentence.

He was also the main suspect in the gruesome rape and murdered of 20-year-old Frenchwoman Angelique Chauviré, on June 2, 2006, less than a month after the Margarita killing. Fortune was never charged with this crime for lack of evidence, but he was seen on the night of her disappearance in Chauviré’s company.

Anyone who has information about Fortune’s whereabouts should call the police at 542 22 22, extension 2145 or 215, the tip line at #9300, or 911.

Source: Today SXM Manhunt continues for escaped killer Kathron Fortune