Minister Boasman: “Controls will continue” Name and shame campaign against illegal employment

GREAT BAY – Immigration controls will continue, Justice Minister Rafael Boasman said yesterday. “Illegal workers will have to leave the island, their employers will be tackled and I will be mentioning their name.”

Boasman started his naming and shaming campaign by identifying the Sky Beach Restaurant in Maho as a business that had been at the receiving end of an immigration control. “Six illegal people were working there; that’s practically the whole staff. These are functions like waiters and waitresses, so they’re not highly specialized.”

The minister, a former unionist, had harsh words for companies that employ people illegally. “All employers ought to be ashamed of having people working illegally, depriving them of medical insurance and depriving their children of the right to go to school. It’s not just a matter of taking jobs away from locals.”

While the minister stated firmly that the immigration controls will continue, he noted that “some may say that these controls are hampering the economy. But I think to have people taking part in an economy others are paying for while they are not contributing is hampering the economy more.

Source: TODAY