Minister Emmanuel tours the dump

GREAT BAY – Vromi-Minister Chirstophe Emmanuel and his cabinet toured the sanitary landfill commonly known as the dump with the Head of the Infrastructure Management department, Claudius  Buncamper.
The camera crew from the Department of Communication of the Government of Sint Maarten joined the tour to take video footage of the dump. Minister Emmanuel wanted to highlight the severity of the dump and also explain his plans to move forward with the waste-to-energy facility.
Buncamper brought forth implementing a municipal waste recovery facility (MRF) which is also a possible solution for the Dump. A MRF is a plant which will primarily cater to receiving the municipal waste from the trucks and start a complete separation for some particular streams of waste like; glass, plastic, aluminum and paper.
Minister Emmanuel is weighing all possible options on how to alleviate the stresses and concerns of the dump to make a suitable and effective decision.
The video footage of the tour of the Dump can be seen on the government website and the Vromi-ministry’s Facebook page.

Photo caption: Minister Christophe Emmanuel and Head of the department of infrastructure management Claudius Buncamper at the dump. Photo contributed

Source: TODAY