Minister Jacobs delivers first pitch to open softball season

first pitchSt. Maarten News: The opening of the 2016 Softball season lacked the usual fanfare during the opening ceremony, but thanks to the presence of the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Silveria Jacobs who delivered the first pitch, it did have an element of class.

In her brief remarks to the teams that were assembled on the outfield, Minister Jacobs expressed her satisfaction on seeing so many young players. “It’s a pleasure to see so many young players and veterans still playing the game. I just want to wish everyone a healthy and safe competition, remember, regardless of who wins or loses, the joy of the game should be the most important and while doing so, show the young ones the importance of true sportsmanship.”

One of the younger players, Katherine Baptiste had the distinct pleasure of getting up close with the minister who went onto affix her signature on the ball before she was invited to throw the first pitch to Baptiste.

In the official draw that took place shortly after, the Nagico Jets and the Survivors were to face off in game one and the Zodiacs and Coors Light was scheduled to meet in game two.

Source: Today SXM Minister Jacobs delivers first pitch to open softball season