Minister Lee wants study unemployment insurance

St. Maarten News: Minister Emil Lee (Public Health, Social Development and Labor) intends to merge the social services and the labor department to promote integral services.” This appears from the explanatory notes with the draft 2016 budget.

The ministry will conduct a feasibility study into unemployment insurance. “The jobless employee currently does not enjoy benefits linked to his unemployment. Research is necessary to determine whether such a regulation is profitable for the country,” the chapter about labor market policy states.

The ministry furthermore wants to implement and evaluate efficient tools for (potentially) unemployed citizens that improve their chances to find a paid job.

Minister Lee also wants an awareness campaign with emphasis on inspections of non-compliance with labor legislation by companies and (illegal) employees. “Better information results in better informed employers and employees. This could prevent many labor conflicts,” the document states.

The ministry also wants to develop a policy to increase access to the labor market for handicapped citizens. “Everyone, including handicapped citizens, is entitled to work.”

Lastly, the ministry intends to refresh the outdated labor legislation. “It ought to reflect the current social opinions,” the document states. “In the coming years the ministry will work to realize this objective. Thereby, unnecessary tensions in the labor market can be prevented.”

Source: Today SXM Minister Lee wants study unemployment insurance