MP De Weever calls for a compliance commissioner on integrity matters

St. Maarten News — Member of Parliament Cornelius De Weever said he will be seeking political support for the institution of a compliance commission in light of the failed attempt to set up an integrity chamber on St. Maarten. The MP noted that integrity is a serious issue across the Kingdom of the Netherlands and he had proposed that a Kingdom Integrity Chamber be established. However, he lamented the lack of focus on compliance when the Integrity Chamber was set up by parliament, only to be struck down by the constitutional court at the behest of the Ombudsman. “During the parliamentary debate on the topic of the Integrity Chamber, I mentioned the need to increase compliance within government. That need is now sensed more than before,” de Weever said.

As I continued to look at integrity from the angle of compliance, some interesting insights came up during my research and talking with those in the field. Our laws are or should be a reflection of our values and norms. Those laws regulate the various relationships we engage in and what those involved can expect from each other. When things go wrong, we have court systems in place to address disputes or render judgments as have been seen with the nullification of the Integrity Chamber Ordinance by the Constitutional Court,” MP De Weever said.

Source: Today SXM MP De Weever calls for a compliance commissioner on integrity matters