MP Irion wants voting record in parliament’s annual report


GREAT BAY – Member of Parliament Ardwell Irion recently brought forward an initiative through Parliament’s Secretary General to revise the voting record in the annual report of Parliament. The report is published every September and the MP calls his initiative “a small but significant step.”
MP Irion stated that he wanted to see an extensive record of how he and his colleagues vote in the house of parliament. “The people deserve to see how they’re being represented. I think it is imperative for them to know if MPs are making decisions in their interest.”
MP Irion says that this change in the voting record helps the electorate to hold parliamentarians more accountable and promotes transparency. The idea is that through summarizing the meetings and putting them on the website, it becomes easier for the general public to keep track of what is going on. Also, the voting record allows for every MP to have a profile built with their voting record. Other than just recording attendance it will register the votes on national ordinances, motions, amendments and other advices. “The subjects will be written in Dutch and English” MP Irion stated.

Source: TODAY