MP Maurice Lake: “Be realistic about improving the economy”

GREAT BAY – “We got to be realistic about improving our local economy. It is not that difficult.

Over the years, government main issues were financial management of the different ministries were they overspent and implemented other revenue generating measures,” independent MP Maurice Lake said in a press statement last night about the country’s financial position.

“St. Maarten is at a crossroad, so the government needs to make firm decisions in the general interest. I would advise Minister Gibson to form a think tank committee of local business persons who love St. Maarten with some tax experts and ordinary persons in the community and come up with a realistic strategic plan to improve our financial position,” the MP stated, adding that entrepreneurs are the ones who are hurting right now. “The government cannot kill the goose that lays the golden eggs to save our economy. Government has to enforce better economic control on businesses but also create incentives to stimulate local entrepreneurs.”

Source: Today SXM MP Maurice Lake: “Be realistic about improving the economy”