Navarro says he knows all illegals


WILLEMSTAD – According to the Minister of Justice, Nelson Navarro, the authorities of Curacao have all the information from travelers entering the island, even from Venezuelan tourist that did not travel back to their own country. Minister Navarro made this statement during a radio interview about the registration of illegal immigrants on the island.

When a foreigner enters the island from the airport, his personal data is registered in a special database. This is how the relevant authorities know who entered the island and who are residing on the island illegally.

By doing so, the authorities have the necessary information to detect illegal immigrants on the island and deport them after localizing them. Unlike what the perception is, the figures show that there has not been a significant increase in the number of illegal immigrants on the island, he added.

“Every day, illegal immigrants are deported. Not that you see this in the news papers, but it does happen.” The Minister also added that he does not believe that all illegal immigrants, particularly those from Venezuela, are engaged in illegal practices.

Source: Today SXM Navarro says he knows all illegals