New arrests in Zorilla-stabbing


GREAT BAY – Police arrested two more suspects in the fatal stabbing of 23-year old Gary Zorilla. The stabbing took place on Thursday July 20 on Diamond Hill Road in Cole Bay. Zorilla died of his wounds the following morning.
On Tuesday police arrested a man identified as M.J.H. and on Wednesday the arrest of D.R.C. followed. Both suspects are now in custody at the police headquarters in Philipsburg, where they were led in front of an acting prosecutor; they remain in custody for further investigation.
The stabbing took place during a fight between two groups of men, who reportedly had an earlier confrontation at a gas station on Bush Road.
While Zorilla died from his wounds, two others, S.D.R. (24) and K.A.C. (22) also suffered injuries during the fight.
Immediately after the fight three people who were involved in what was later dubbed the Lynx-investigation to the police: I.A.W. (23), J.E.N.S. (23) and A.A.L. (20).

Source: TODAY