Nipa signs agreement with White and Yellow Cross


GREAT BAY – The boards of the National Institute of Professional Advancement (Nipa) and the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding last Thursday to solidify their existing relationship. The signing ceremony at the WYCCF grounds in St. John’s Estate was hailed as an important step in the continuous development of the local labor force.

From the inception of Nipa the white and Yellow Cross offered internship placement to students of the nursing programs (both practical and registered nursing).

“A strong proponent of having a local nursing school, the White and Yellow Cross very much welcomed the opening of Nipa and right away their cooperation in placing students started. With 90 percent of their workforce consisting of local employees, the White and Yellow Cross places great emphasis on continuous and professional learning and Nipa offers just that,” parties said in a joint press release..


As the White and Yellow Cross also cares for many clients with an intellectual disability, the startup of the social pedagogic worker program was very much welcomed. The foundation’s Sister Basilia Center is in need of employees with such a diploma and qualifications and therefore the internship program was expanded by placing these students as well in the organization. Current employees of the White and Yellow Cross in need of such a diploma will in the future also enroll in the evening classes at Nipa, to equip them with the latest knowledge and skills.

Earlier this year the Nipa-board reached out to the white and Yellow Cross management and proposed to formalize the relationship. This ensures that the collaboration will be ongoing and structures the areas of partnership. It also creates the platform to start working together for the benefit of the hospitality and culinary arts students; The White and Yellow Cross has a large kitchen and students would be welcome there.


Source: TODAY