“Numerous reports” about ill-treatment during Xmas

St. Maarten – It must have been quite a Christmas Holiday weekend, given the fact that the police received “numerous reports about ill-treatment and threats.” The police report mentions however just two examples.

One incident took place on Boxing Day on the Goldfinch Road in Pointe Blanche where a man hit another man on his head with an iron. The fight was between the ex and the present boyfriend of a woman living at goldfinch road. The argument got out of control and the police was called, but the attacker fled the scene before the officers arrived.

A second incident took place on the same day on Guana Bay where a 67-year old man hit his female partner in the face during a heated discussion. The woman suffered a swollen right jaw and a hematoma under her right eye.

Two male friends of the victim attacked the suspect and held him until the police arrived. The man was arrested and taken to the police station for further investigation,

Source: Today SXM “Numerous reports” about ill-treatment during Xmas