Ombudsman puts reports online

St. Maarten News – The Ombudsman has placed various reports regarding complaints filed on the Ombudsman website for public perusal in an effort to improve awareness of the role of the institute in the community. The reports encompass complaints against all seven ministries and range from Enforcement of Policy to the issuance of business Licenses and more.

The reports are located under the ‘Articles & Reports’ tab on the website The Ombudsman closes an investigation by Final Reports or Notice of Termination of Investigation. A Final Report is drafted when the complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily during the process of an investigation. A Notice of Termination of Investigation is used when the complaint has been resolved satisfactorily. Examples of both categories of reports are available for perusal on the website. The public is encouraged to file their complaints with the Ombudsman, if you are waiting too long for a response from the government, not treated correctly at a window, or in any way feel mistreated by actions or non-action by government.

Source: Today SXM Ombudsman puts reports online