“Ooh Fresh” five gallon drinking water recalled

GREAT BAY—The Inspectorate of VSA issued a recall on the 5-gallon bottles of bottled water under the brand name:  Ooh Fresh Purified Water. According to a press release from the INSpectorate, the measure is the result of laboratory testing of the water from these bottles which disclosed the presence of Coliform bacteria and possibly other non-identifiable bacteria. The group of coliform bacteria can cause abdominal pain and fever. More severe cases can lead to bloody diarrhea, dehydration or even kidney failure. People with weakened immune systems, pregnant women, young children, and older adults are at increased risk for developing these complications.
The Inspectorate is conducting the necessary inspections to verify if there is not more of this product on the local market and also in contact with the producer. Consumers who purchased this product should not drink or use the water for food preparation,” said Dr. E. Best, Inspector General at the Inspectorate of VSA.

Source: TODAY http://today.sx/local-news/ooh-fresh-five-gallon-drinking-water-recalled/