Opinion: Implausible (ID Card machine always broken)

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We’ve lost count (because we haven’t been paying attention – our bad) but it seems that the civil registry has been unable to produce new ID-cards or driver’s licenses like forever. All this is due to “severe technical issues” or so we are made to understand.

By now, this explanation is becoming implausible.

We’re not talking about cracking encrypted information in an I-phone here. This is about a piece of machinery and its accompanying software that is producing ID-cards and driver’s licenses.


How difficult can this be? If we do not have the wizards on the island to solve this little problem, go get them somewhere else. Do not fool the people with a buzz about technical issues.

Imagine if ever a similar “hiccup” (a popular word these days in government lingo) hit Gebe. Due to severe technical issues citizens would have to go for weeks without electricity and water – and with no end in sight.

It is time for the government to come up with the real explanation.

Source: Today SXM Opinion: Implausible (ID Card machine always broken)