Opinion: Noro Virus at Sonesta Maho a coincidence?

There are no coincidences, so the outbreak of the noro-virus at the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort comes at a remarkable moment. On February 4, inspectors closed down The Point Restaurant for hygiene violations and now just three weeks later, students fall ill after eating at the resort. When Caribisch Netwerk held its annual correspondents day at the resort in March of last year, several journalists fell ill as well after eating at the same place. Nobody filed a complaint at the time, because the journalists thought that it would be tough to make the connection between their physical discomfort and the restaurant.

In some systems you’re out after three strikes. That would be a bit harsh and besides, we still have to wait for the results of the test the SLS laboratory is working on right now.

There is however little doubt about the origin of the noro-virus. It hits cruise ships more often that the cruise industry would like and it now seemingly also got a foothold in one of the island’s resorts.

If anything, the outbreak underlines the need of not only controls, but also of perpetual education of the people who work at commercial places where food is handled.

Bad news travels fast and the story about the students that took part in the debating competition falling ill will travel back to all the islands where they come from.

If there is nothing wrong with hygiene at the resort, as the inspectorate stated in a press release this weekend, then there must have been something with the food itself. There is, as far as we know, no other possibility.

Whatever the outcome of the investigation may be, it makes the resort look bad for the second time within a month. That ought to concern the company’s management no end; that fact alone could be just enough to make sure that this never happens again.

Source: Today SXM Opinion: Noro Virus at Sonesta Maho a coincidence?