Opinion: Truly sad

Dear Editor,

If this wasn’t so serious it would be funny. The Board of the National Alliance must admit that in most cases, we are somewhat biased towards the party we represent as a board. However, in the case of the press release of the UP leader and the rest of the opposition regarding current events, even the most unbiased person must admit that there is something wrong with the UP leader’s account of the meeting.

First, the leader of the UP was not invited to any meeting with the Honorable Prime Minister. He was invited by his opposition colleague. His attempt to make it look as if the PM contacted him, is another attempt at clouding the issue at best or flat out lying at worst.

When one listens to his three options, which we won’t repeat in detail here, one can only conclude that self-interest is his main objective. Imagine wanting control of all government owned companies. Need we remind the public that it was an ‘error’ on the UP leader’s part that cost the Harbor 10 Million United States Dollars, in order to settle a case. Is this what the UP leader has in store for the other government-owned companies?

While this government is negotiating a Waste to Energy plant, with no investment from government or government-owned companies, the UP leader was negotiating an alleged 700 million guilder bond from Gebe to complete various projects including the WTE. The UP leader wants control, to tie Gebe to a large loan, while it was not necessary, to realize the project.

Minister Emil Lee is working in a transparent manner to build a modern hospital, while the UP leader goes on the air and claims none of his family members are involved while we all know that a close family member has been involved in medical tourism. Funny how the project supported by the UP leader included a 30 Million US dollar medical tourism wing, with no aspects of how this would be paid back.

We as a board have full confidence in the version of the meeting of the Prime Minister. Why would the Prime Minister lie about the UP leader opting to leave out all independents including MP Marlin-Romeo and MP De Weever? It seems just like the UP leader to try to sweeten the deal by placing 4 persons in opposition instead of 1. The hastily called press briefing on Sunday by the UP, only goes to confirm that this was indeed an option. When was the last time the UP leader had a press briefing? The UP leader hardly even participates in talk shows on the Southern side, running over to the Northern side on almost every occasion.

The press release yesterday of the UP Board was laughable if it wasn’t so sad. To claim that any one of the options presented by the UP leader was in the interest of the country is an insult to the intelligence of the people of St. Maarten. The only thing that the three options show is the utter desperation of the UP leader to be in control of government.

Additionally, for the UP to actually try to make the claim that somehow this NA-led government is ‘holding the nation hostage’ makes us laugh out loud. Again with the lies and exaggerations to the people of St. Maarten. There is no government crisis, the Council of Ministers will continue to work in the interest of all the people of St. Maarten. If there is anyone that is holding the nation hostage, it’s the UP members who are neglecting their duties and not signing in for meetings.

After sitting an entire year in office with nothing to show for it, we should not be surprised that the UP is afraid that with a balanced budget (something that has been unachievable under UP leadership), the first since 2014, people of St. Maarten are witnessing how a government is supposed to work.

It is truly sad how the UP and its leadership have again insulted the people of St. Maarten with untrue statements designed to de-stabilize this Government; going as far as throwing the independent members supporting the UP under the bus. (By putting St. Maarten first, those members should vote for this budget thereby doing what especially MP Marlin-Romeo says on the floor of parliament on a daily basis, “Work in the interest of all the people of St. Maarten.”

Team National Alliance

Source: Today SXM Opinion: Truly sad